Big Data

Our unprecedented ability to collect, store and analyse data is opening up new possibilities: from monitoring infrastructure to understanding individuals' life pathways, as well as spawning new business models underpinned by data, social networks and the internet of things.

Big Data

How is Big Data research and analysis used to improve public policy and services?

On 18 September 2015, CSaP teamed up with Cambridge Big Data and the Royal Statistical Society to run a workshop exploring how data science and ‘Big Data’ can ...

Big Data

How can data science contribute to developing evidence-based policy?

CSaP’s Continuing Policy Fellows came together last month to discuss broad challenges in developing evidence informed policy, as well as the potential use of advances in data science ...

A Case Study by Professor Anna Vignoles

Champion for Cambridge Big Data Strategic Research Initiative

Professor Vignoles particular interest is in the application of big data analyses to answer questions about public policy.

Big Data

Talent Pipeline for the Digital Economy & the Creative Industries, with Matthew Hancock MP

A new major study suggests that the UK has one of the best digital economies of any country in the world, which is highly evolved and quickly advancing. ...


"Having undergone exceptional economic growth and social development in recent decades, Asia is catching up rapidly……

5 months ago


Early career researchers: call for posters at Science, Policy and the Public in Italy conference in Cambridge, 26 O……

2 weeks ago

Big Data

Platforms not silos: government promotes the digital revolution

Earlier this month CSaP Policy Fellow, Richard Sargeant, hosted a meeting at the Government Digital Service (GDS) which was set up to revolutionise the way citizens interact with ...