Civil society and social cohesion

Social cohesion has been a focus of discussion for our Policy Leaders Fellows and a major theme at our annual conference in 2017.

Civil Society

Harnessing the potential of social movements, and generating impact at scale

A Policy Workshop held in collaboratioin with Friends of the Earth, the Nesta Health Lab and the Cambridge Institute of Public Health, brought together a wide range of ...

Local Government

It’s important not to be a climate change zealot

In the penultimate seminar of the Christ’s Climate Seminar Series, Rebecca Willis, Independent Environmental Researcher, discusses the findings of a collaborative research project to investigate how politicians think ...

Civil Society

Civil Society Futures: Public policy perspectives on civil society

A CSaP Policy Workshop looked at future possibilities for more effective engagement between civil society and government.

Local Government

Devolution and inclusive economic growth: Lessons from Manchester

On Thursday 4 May 2017, Greater Manchester will elect its first Mayor. The creation of a directly elected Mayor is part of the process of devolving more political ...


This is so important and echoes vital UK work done @JoBibbyTHF showing the risks we are taking with the long term h……

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Time for a radical shift? Greater clarity about who accountable to and what for would rebuild trust and legitimacy.……

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Local Government

Industrial strategy and the role of place

Last month, CSaP hosted a roundtable discussion to explore the potential of the Cambridge technology cluster in the context of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.