Health, environment and the future of cities

In 2016, CSaP hosted a Policy Workshop to explore what the health and environment sectors have to learn from one another. The workshop considered the lessons of history and examples of past successes, and concluded by identifying practical suggestions for future collaboration to cut across institutional boundaries.

Health, environment and the future of cities

A case study by Jane Kennedy, Research Business Manager at London Borough of Newham

Jane's Policy Fellowship helped her to improve council evaluations, leading to a positive impact on the development of professional practice.

Health, environment and the future of cities

How can we use evidence to reduce poverty in the UK?

What would it take to solve UK poverty? At a recent reception celebrating the new plan from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to solve poverty in the UK, ...

Health, environment and the future of cities

Visions of Cambridge in 2065: report launch on 8 September 2015

What is your vision of Cambridge in 2065? This is the question being asked by 'Visions of Cambridge in 2065', one of 6 city case studies supported by ...

Health, environment and the future of cities

What will future transport systems look like in the UK?

As part of the Government Foresight Project into the Future of Mobility, CSaP organised a Policy Workshop which brought together representatives from the Government Office for Science with ...


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Health, environment and the future of cities

A case study by Pauline Reeves, Deputy Director Sustainable Travel and Equalities, Department for Transport

Pauline's Fellowship led to a connection with the Centre for Diet and Activity Research, which had a clear impact on cycling policy development in the Department for Transport.

“The CSaP workshop was a fascinating way to compare and contrast how social movements have been understood over time and across sectors. It gave us a very useful set of insights – from both academics and practitioners – that helped to shape our report 'Health as a Social Movement: the power of people in movements'. The Nesta report was launched at the Royal Society of Arts in September 2016 as part of an NHS England programme on social movements in health.”

Halima Khan, Executive Director, Nesta Health Lab