Given the importance to health policy of having access to the best evidence, and the excellence of biomedical research in Cambridge, it's no surprise that policy makers in this area continue to be strongly represented in CSaP's network.


What will be the Impact of the $100 Genome?

To mark the launch of the Centre Interest Group on Genomic Medicine, the CSaP hosted a dinner discussion on 12 May at Queens' College, Cambridge. Sir Mark Walport ...


Mark Bale, Department of Health, describes how a Policy Workshop helped deliver a huge new priority on genomics.

The workshop achieved what we’re increasingly calling ‘open policy making’. It’s a good example of how you can take a problem, bring together the various actors and come ...


Science in the service of the developing world

A Connections Lecture by Darwin College in association with the Centre for Science and Policy. "Anything that moves against economic development is against development." This observation by Professor ...


CSaP Annual Conference 2012: Risk and uncertainty

On 8 March 2012 – the very day that the BBC declared that solar storms threatened to “wreak havoc with satellites or power grids” – many of the ...


Join us for #PublicHealthPF to find digital solutions for public health issues like #obesity, #mentalillness, and……

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This Thursday we'll be announcing the 2017 global temperature along with @NASA and @NOAA. We're also hosting a glob……

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The Future of Genomic Medicine Patents in Europe and the US

Decisions relating to the patenting of genomics medicine technology were debated at a recent CSaP Policy workshop on precision medicine and intellectual property.