Given the importance to health policy of having access to the best evidence, and the excellence of biomedical research in Cambridge, it's no surprise that policy makers in this area continue to be strongly represented in CSaP's network.


Responsible and open innovation with large bioresources

A Policy Workshop organised in partnership with the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences brought together experts from the public and private sectors working on issues around ...


Measuring national well-being

This CSaP workshop considered whether there were suitable methods for recording national well-being and how such data would become incorporated into policy decisions.


Strategic challenges for the health system

The strategic challenges for the economic sustainability of the NHS was the topic of conversation at a recent CSaP Policy Fellow event held in the Department of Health


What are the challenges for the future of healthcare in the UK?

The 2017 CSaP Annual Lecture was delivered by Professor Christopher Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health, who made his predictions about the future of health ...


Do you want to help build and grow high profile, proud and effective geography profession within GSE & Government?……

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Tonight’s lineup with Dr Antonio Criminisi @MSFTResearchCam @MSFTResearch, Dr Peyman Gifani CEO of AI VIVO, Jaime D……

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The future of cycling in the cities of tomorrow

The replacement of driving with active forms of travel has the capacity to provide myriad health and economic benefits, says Dr David Ogilvie of the Centre for Diet ...