Scientific Advice to Governments

CSaP works with its partners to host lectures, panel discussions and workshops, and carry out research on the history, and future, of scientific advice to governments.

Scientific advice to governments

What are the challenges for the future of healthcare in the UK?

The 2017 CSaP Annual Lecture was delivered by Professor Christopher Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health, who made his predictions about the future of health ...

Professional Development Policy Workshops

Professional Development Policy Seminar for Engineers

In December, CSaP and the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge co-hosted a Professional Development Policy Seminar for early-career engineers. Co-sponsored by the IET, 32 researchers from ...

Scientific advice to governments

Exploring the role of evidence and expertise in effective policy making for environmental science

A CSaP professional development policy workshop for early-career environmental scientists at Cambridge gave them an insight into the role of science, evidence and expertise in public policy.

Scientific advice to governments

The impacts of machine learning on climate change modelling

There is an increasing need for environmental data to inform policy decisions. At the same time, technical advances, including in data science, are leading to the prospect of ...


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Scientific advice to governments

CSaP Annual Reception 2016: building bridges between science and policy

Clare Moriarty, a CSaP Policy Leaders Fellow, described experiences throughout her career which had reinforced the value of strong communication between policy and research, before going on to ...