Scientific Advice to Governments

CSaP works with its partners to host lectures, panel discussions and workshops, and carry out research on the history, and future, of scientific advice to governments.

Scientific advice to governments

Public Service Transformation: What’s Next?

Digital technology has already transformed the private sector, from improving efficiency to fundamentally altering how consumers interact with businesses and producers.Dr Mark Thompson of Cambridge Judge Business School ...

Scientific advice to governments

How can government make the most of UK universities?

CSaP Policy Fellows met to discuss how policy makers could make the most of UK universities. We were joined by members of the CSaP Affiliate Network - representatives ...

Making the transition from scientific researcher to scientific leader

Scientific Leadership

Today’s policy makers face ever-greater need to harness science and technology to address complex policy challenges. It is vital that there is a cadre of scientific leaders with ...

Professional Development Policy Workshops

CSaP Junior Associate Fellows start placements in Government

CSaP explores opportunities for early-career researchers to contribute to the policy process


Experimental government and public policy series: first talk on public health crises in humanitarian zones Fri 5 Oc……

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@rozcampion from the Department for International Trade is in Cambridge this week for her first visit as CSaP Policy Fellow. Welcome Roz!

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Scientific advice to governments

Statesmanship in a scientific age

The greatest challenges facing global leaders and the skills needed for effective leadership in the modern world were examined in a series of events as part of the ...