Transport, data and the future of mobility

CSaP has convened workshops to discuss potential social and demographic issues likely to influence mobility over the next few decades, and worked with the Department of Transport on a new learning and development scheme designed for civil servants.

Big Data

Talent Pipeline for the Digital Economy & the Creative Industries, with Matthew Hancock MP

A new major study suggests that the UK has one of the best digital economies of any country in the world, which is highly evolved and quickly advancing. ...

Big Data

The intersection of business and encryption, and the implications for practice and policy

CSaP worked with Dr Ella McPherson, a Lecturer in the Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge, to deliver a Policy Workshop ...

Big Data

Privacy, secrecy, transparency: what does it mean for evidence based policy?

What is preventing the use of personal data for evidence based policy? Drawing on rapidly evolving commercial best practice, what practical steps can be taken to overcome these ...

Future transport

The impact of ride sharing apps on urban mobility

Planning for the future of urban mobility balances the need to reduce the amount of cars on the road whilst also maximising access to transportation. A meeting for ...


A new runway at Heathrow could help improve noise levels overnight with an increased scheduled night flight ban……

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I think this is what they call successful counter-programming. 😉 #TUNENG Still time to pop in. #MRCFestival…

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Big Data

CSaP Policy Challenge Workshop: 'Big Data and Policy'

CSaP runs the first workshop as part of the Policy Challenge in Data Science and Policy