Transport, data and the future of mobility

CSaP has convened workshops to discuss potential social and demographic issues likely to influence mobility over the next few decades, and worked with the Department of Transport on a new learning and development scheme designed for civil servants.

Big Data

How can data science contribute to developing evidence-based policy?

CSaP’s Continuing Policy Fellows came together last month to discuss broad challenges in developing evidence informed policy, as well as the potential use of advances in data science ...

Future transport

What will future transport systems look like in the UK?

As part of the Government Foresight Project into the Future of Mobility, CSaP organised a Policy Workshop which brought together representatives from the Government Office for Science with ...

Big Data

Policy making in the era of big data: opportunities and challenges

CSaP's latest Policy Challenge briefing was launched at a major conference in Cambridge this week which brought together researchers, policy makers and industry practitioners to explore the latest ...

Big Data

Data science and AI in policy opportunities

This session highlighted the potential opportunities provided by data science and AI, and how these might influence or aid future policymaking.


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Big Data

Talent Pipeline for the Digital Economy & the Creative Industries, with Matthew Hancock MP

A new major study suggests that the UK has one of the best digital economies of any country in the world, which is highly evolved and quickly advancing. ...