Research at CSaP

Examining the relationship between science, evidence and policy.


CSaP has a track record of participating in research on the relationship between science and policy. This has included studies of the role of evidence and expertise in government; responsible innovation and research culture; and public attitudes to emerging technologies.

CSaP’s research programme explores opportunities to develop active collaboration with other researchers on the role of scientific evidence and research in government.

Publications & Projects

Our publications and projects have helped translate complex scientific information into a language that can be easily understood by policy makers, and shape their thinking about science advice in both the UK and Europe.

Science & Technology Studies

The aim of the Science and Technology Studies (STS) reading and discussion group is to explore and develop concepts of “Responsible Innovation” (RI) in the light of different concepts of “Policy Change” and to apply them to ongoing debates on emerging technologies and their governance. The group meets at CSaP twice each month.

Visiting Research Fellows

CSaP's Visiting Research Fellows make a significant contribution to understanding how evidence, expertise and public policy interact – as well as how research expertise can contribute to better policy making – addressing the greatest policy challenges from climate change to cyber-security, poverty to pandemics, and food technologies to fracking.