University of Cambridge


The Centre for Science and Policy


The Centre for Science and Policy helps the sciences and technology to serve society by promoting engagement between researchers and policy professionals. Specifically, we:

  • provide policy professionals with access to the best academic thinking in engineering, science, computing, mathematics, the social sciences, law and philosophy
  • provide an arena in which those interested in the policy implications of the sciences and technology, and the relationship between research expertise and public policy, can discuss and develop fresh ideas
  • provide training, support and opportunities for researchers to engage with policy makers.

Our Themes

CSaP Themes describe the breadth and focus of our work. We have seven themes in total, spanning a wide range of academic disciplines and policy issues. The themes give our programme of activity focus and provide a context in which relationships between researchers and policy makers can develop and prove useful.

Our Programmes

CSaP's Programmes deliver on our remit to build meaningful and lasting connections between researchers and policy makers.

We offer Policy Fellowships, which bring decision makers from government and industry to the University as the basis for developing useful and lasting connections with researchers.

Our Policy Workshops provide a neutral platform upon which groups of researchers and policy makers share knowledge and develop new thinking.

CSaP takes seriously the Professional Development of early career researchers, teaching them about the policy making process and the realities of engaging with it.

We also run Distinguished Lectures to air important issues that span both the sciences and engineering on the one hand and policy in government and industry on the other.