Zoology is central to our understanding of the world. Zoologists seek to discover the fundamental principles that underpin animal life focusing on the diversity, function and evolution of animals and thus providing the scientific basis for our knowledge both of the creatures with whom we share this planet and of ourselves.

This Department strives to create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain high levels of excellence and in which its members can achieve their full potential.


Dr David Aldridge

Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology

Dr Michael Brooke

Strickland Curator of Ornithology

Professor Nick Davies

Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Dr Toby Gardner

Research Fellow

Professor Sir Gabriel Horn

Former Emeritus Professor

Dr Kelvin Peh

AXA Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr Ben Phalan

Junior Research Fellow

Professor Derek Smith

Professor of Infectious Disease Informatics

Dr Mark Spalding

Honorary Research Fellow