Dr Toke Aidt

University Reader

Anil Ari

PhD candidate

Dr Juan Block

Cambridge-INET Research Associate

Professor Willy Brown

Montague Burton Professor of Industrial Relations

Dr Luisa Corrado

Research Fellow CIMF and CReMIc

Professor Giancarlo Corsetti

Professor of Macroeconomics

Dr Ken Coutts

Emeritus Assistant Director of Studies

Dr Meredith Crowley

University Lecturer

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta

Professor of Economics

Oliver Exton

PhD candidate

Dr Maren Froemel

INET Research Associate

Dr Edoardo Gallo

University Lecturer

Dr Rupert Gatti

University Teaching Officer

Dr Petra Geraats

University Lecturer

Professor Sanjeev Goyal

Professor of Economics and Chair of Faculty

Professor Andrew Harvey

Professor of Econometrics

Dr Sriya Iyer

Isaac Newton Trust Affiliated Lecturer

Professor Oliver Linton

Professor of Political Economy

Dr Kai Liu

University Lecturer

Dr Kamiar Mohaddes

University Lecturer

Professor Kaivan Munshi

Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics

Professor David Newbery

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Dr William Peterson

University Lecturer (Retired)

Dr Christopher Rauh

INET Research Associate

Dr Pontus Rendahl

University Reader

Dr Robert Ritz

University Lecturer

Jonathan Smith

PhD candidate

Professor Coen Teulings

Former Professor of Economics

Dr Melvyn Weeks

Senior Lecturer