Science, Policy and a Green Recovery

Science and Policy Podcast Series 2

CSaP's Science, Policy and Green Recovery podcast series is produced in partnership with Cambridge Zero.

Our second season of podcasts explores the science and policy elements of getting a green recovery with topics ranging from civic action and climate protests, to the big geopolitical, infrastructure, and economic challenges our society faces as we seek to build back better, promote wellbeing, and protect our environment. This series was hosted by Dr Rob Doubleday and was produced by Kate McNeil.

Episode 10 - Planetary Health

11 December 2020

Could climate change or deforestation cause the next pandemic? In the final episode of this series we are joined by LSHTM's Professor Chris Drakeley, the Lancet Planetary Health's Editor-in-Chief, Alistair Brown, University of Liverpool's Professor Matthew Baylis, and Yale School of Public Health's Professor Robert Dubrow to explore links between planetary and human health.

Episode 9 - Nature and Conservation

4 December 2020

Dame Fiona Reynolds, Master of Emmanuel College Cambridge, and former Director-General of the National Trust, and Dr Chris Sandbrook, Director of the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge discuss the role of nature and conservation on the pathway to a green recovery.

Episode 8 - Our build environment

27 November 2020

What role can our built environment play in helping us get a green recovery? How can we sustainably manage our national housing stock and the retrofitting of buildings? What role can digital technology and digital twinning play in helping us sustainably manage our infrastructure and cities? In this episode we're joined by sustainable construction expert Dr Alice Moncaster of the Open University and Director of the University of Cambridge's Centre for Smart Infrastructure Dr Jennifer Schooling.

Episode 7 - Energy Storage & Fostering Innovation

20 November 2020

In the seventh episode of our series on science, policy and a green recovery, we are joined by University of Cambridge's cosmologist, Professor Lord Martin Rees, and chemist Professor Clare Grey on the UK's role in leading and fostering innovation while building collaborations with other countries. And Professor Grey discusses her work on energy storage and the future of batteries.

Episode 6 - Energy Transitions & Solar Energy

13 November 2020

In this episode we explore the science behind energy transitions, learn about the science behind solar panels, and explore the potential future role for the UK as we transition to a focus on renewable energy sources. We are joined by Professor Sir Richard Friend, Director Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability at Cambridge, and two early career Cambridge researchers - Winton scholar Jesse Allardice and the Department of Engineering's Karla Cervantes Barron.

Episode 5 - A Blueprint for a Green Future

6 November 2020

This episode was recorded as part of the Cambridge Climate Change Festival. Discussions focused on the Cambridge Zerio Policy Forum report: A Blueprint for a Green Future. For more information about the report, please visit

Episode 4 - Sustainable Finance and Green Innovation

30 October 2020

In the fourth episode of this series we are joined by University of Cambridge political scientist, Dr Cristina Peñasco, and Columbia University's Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, Christian Deseglise, who is also HSBC's Head of Sustainable Finance. Discussions focus on financing sustainable infrastructure, how Covid-19 has changed the sustainable finance sector, the role of international institutions and global cooperation in getting to net zero, investment in green R&D, and the role of local government procurement in a green transition.

Episode 3 - Economic & Energy Transitions

23 October 2020

In the third episode of our series on science, policy and a green recovery, our host Dr Rob Doubleday is joined by the University of Cambridge's Professor Michael Pollitt to hear insights into the economics of energy transitions.

Episode 2 - The Economics of a Green Recovery

16 October 2020

Are we 'on track' to invest in a green recovery? In the second episode of this series, University of Cambridge economists Dr Kamiar Mohaddes and Dr Nina Seega explore the macroeconomic shock from the Covid-19 pandemic, the current trajectory of recovery investments, and how policy makers can respond to the need to invest to meet climate change commitments.

Episode 1 - The Challenges Ahead

9 October 2020

In the first episode of our new series, we are joined by Dr Emily Shuckburgh, Professor Rebecca Willis, and Dimitri Zenghelis to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping the conversation around climate policy; ideas on government leadership in responding to the challenges ahead; the role of local government in responding to the climate crisis; why climate change is often framed as a left-leaning issue; and the role that universities can play in taking leadership on climate action.