Seminar 2: Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions - Confronting Climate Risks: Overcoming...

5 March 2015, 5:30pm


Speakers: Rowan Douglas and Dr Andrew Coburn

The Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Christ's College Cambridge

Thursday 5 March (17:30 - 19:00), followed by drinks

In a speech at a World Bank meeting last October the Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the G20 Financial Stability Board, Marc Carney, described climate change as a Tragedy of the Horizons with major longer term risks unable to adequately influence short term business actions and public policy. He was right.

Following publication of the recent Royal Society report on Resilience of Extreme Weather it appears that the necessary time machines and scientific transmission systems are already operating in a corner of global finance and capital regulation and could be extended. If enacted, the implications for managing climate risk proportionally and enabling sustainable development in the years and decades ahead are profound.

Dr Andrew Coburn will respond.

Dr Andrew Coburn

Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

Rowan Douglas

Willis Research Network

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    Confronting Climate Risks: Overcoming the ‘Tragedy of the Horizons’

    The second instalment of the Climate and Sustainability in Multiple Dimensions seminar series saw Rowan Douglas talk on “Confronting Climate Risks: Overcoming the ‘Tragedy of the Horizons’”.