Counting the Costs: How are the costs of inaction and action best framed?

21 January 2021, 3pm


2021 Christ’s College Climate Seminar Series

Achieving change for population and planetary health post pandemic

Three major threats to population and planetary health— infectious diseases, non-communicable disease, and climate and environmental emergencies—are too often treated as distinct problems, but they are intimately entwined. They share many common causes, ranging from unsustainable farming practices to subsidies for fossil fuels. Synergistic actions across these and many other drivers have the potential to promote transformative change, but merely knowing what to do will not solve these problems – it is also essential to identify how to ensure these actions are put in place.

This seminar series will examine ways in which effective action against these threats might be achieved through a focus on framing, public participation, and an appreciation of place.

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Seminar 1 - 21 January 2021 (3pm-4:15pm)
Counting the Costs: How are the costs of action and inaction best framed to drive effective change?

Chaired by Professor Dame Theresa Marteau, Director, Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge

The first seminar will explore how to frame the case for change, in particular how quantifying the costs - using different metrics - and the moral arguments for change have worked in climate change and health inequalities, and the frames that might best foster synergistic action post COVID-19.

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