Dr Ann Kristin Glenster

Executive Director at Glenlead Centre

Executive Director of the Glenlead Centre

Ann Kristin Glenster is the Executive Director of the Glenlead Centre, an academic research consultancy focusing on information technologies in the EU, US, and UK. Glenlead specialises in transatlantic relationships, bringing its in-house expertise and academic network to its projects, covering a wide range of legal, governance, regulatory, and policy issues. We specialise in data protection, privacy, cybersecurity, and algorithmic regulation, including algorithmic accountability and algorithmic transparency (www.glenlead.com).

Ann Kristin’s doctoral dissertation examines the European data protection framework and algorithmic regulation. She holds a UK qualifying law degree, and she has studied at Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Ann Kristin has taught at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics (LSE), and Harvard University. She has authored several publications on information and technology law, regulation, policy, and governance, including a chapter in the forthcoming Research Handbook on EU Data Protection (Edward Elgar Publishing 2022).

Ann Kristin is a Law & Policy fellow at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy (MCTD) at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), and a member of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (CIPIL) at the Law Faculty, University of Cambridge

  • 6 June 2017, 5:30pm

    Dr S T Lee Public Policy Lecture: Geoff Mulgan, Nesta

    This lecture will present examples of how the world could be more collectively intelligent about collective intelligence, and how we might avoid a widening gap between the technical achievements of artificial machine intelligence, and the actual intelligence of the systems on which our lives depend.