Chris Ganje

Co-founder and CEO at AMPLYFI

Co-founder and CEO of AMPLYFI
Junior Policy Fellow Alum, Centre for Science and Policy

Chris Ganje is co-founder and CEO of AMPLYFI, a company that has developed the world’s first business intelligence software platform to combine leading Artificial Intelligence, Surface & Deep Web harvesting and Big Data visualisation within a single integrated, user-friendly framework. Its objective is to deliver intelligence to inform strategic decision making and provide lead indicators for potential market disruptions with a bias towards tracking fundamental scientific research and technology development activity trends.

Prior to forming AMPLYFI, Chris worked for BP where he was responsible for advising the Group on technology policy initiatives and technology commercialisation options. He led BP’s Long-Term Technology View Disruptive Technology assessment, which identified technologies with the highest potential to disrupt the global energy system. Chris also held a variety of roles at BP in commercial operations and finance. Before joining BP he led a startup focused on developing wind power projects in India.

For Chris's own account of his experience as a Policy Fellow, see here.