Divij Joshi

PhD candidate at University College London (UCL)


PhD Candidate in Law, UCL

Divij Joshi is a lawyer and researcher studying the intersections of technology, regulation and society, based in London and India. He is presently a Doctoral Researcher at University College London, supervised by Dr. Michael Veale. His research examines the law, politics and governance of information systems.

As a Mozilla Tech Policy Fellow, he focused on interrogating machine decisions and articulating a fair and equitable vision of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, and created the ‘AI Observatory‘. He led research on the project ‘Algorithmic Accountability for the Public Sector’, co-convened by the AI Now Institute, the Ada Lovelace Institute and the Open Government Partnership. He edits and contributes to SpicyIP, a world-leading legal resource with the mission of democratising debates around intellectual property law in India. He was a Fellow at the Archives at NCBS, exploring the intersections of law, policy and archival practice in India.