Professor Heinz Stoewer

at Space Associates


Prof. Dipl. -ing. Heinz Stoewer is Emeritus Professor of Space Systems Engineering at TU Delft. He was the first to hold this Chair in 1986. During his long career, Stoewer also worked at Boelkow KG (now Airbus Space and Defence), MDAC (now: Boeing), ESA and the German space agency DARA (now: DLR). Stoewer is also a member of various boards and committees, for example at OHB, the third European Space Prime Contractor and he is a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at NASA JPL. Prof. Stoewer is also Founder and President of the Space Associates GmbH, an international network company working in the fields of space, systems engineering, project management and education. Since 2007 Heinz Stoewer is a member of honour at the study association VSV Leonardo da Vinci.

Professor Stoewer has been awarded the IEEE Simon Ramo Medal 2018. The Medal, highly prestigious in the global high-tech engineering community, is awarded for exceptional achievements in systems engineering and systems science.