James Cemmell

Vice President, Government Engagement at Inmarsat


Vice President, Government Engagement, Inmarsat

Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

James Cemmell is the Vice President, Government Engagement, at Inmarsat, the largest mobile satellite operator globally, where he focuses on space policy, security, emerging markets, EU, trade and regulated industries. James conceived and delivered the ‘Pushing Digital Frontiers’ series of UK government backed emerging market programmes in partnership with the governments of: Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, which were awarded Champion status by the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). James is an external faculty member: London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL) and has been elected as a Policy Fellow: Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP), University of Cambridge. Various space sector appointments. EMBA/MBA Class of 2017 Downing College, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. MA International Development BCID. BSc Chemistry University of Leeds. Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Trade Regulation, World Trade Institute. Honorary Life Member, Leeds University Union.