Joanna Miles

Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Jo Miles’ research interests include family law, especially the legal regulation of adult relationships, family property law and financial remedies on relationship breakdown and death. She also has an interest in the comparative and international aspects of family law. Along with the Organising Committee of the Commission for European Family Law, she co-hosted the fourth conference of the Commission in April 2010, on the future of family property in Europe.

At the Law Commission, she was responsible for a large amount of the research and writing for the consultation paper (CP 179) and report (LC 307) on Cohabitation: the Financial Consequences of Relationship Breakdown, and benefited both from working closely with empirical legal researchers and from meeting with stakeholders interested in family law reform, from practising lawyers, interest groups, religious bodies, and other governmental and law reform agencies.

Jo is a regular participant at Oxford Centre for Family Law and Policy seminars, Nuffield Foundation seminars, and an active member of the family law groups within the Society of Legal Scholars and Socio-Legal Studies Association. She is regularly involved in family policy discussions within the academic community and with practitioners and government.

She is academic door tenant at 1 Hare Court (Chambers of Nicholas Cusworth QC); Academic Fellow of Inner Temple; assistant editor of the Child and Family Law Quarterly; elected member of the Executive Council of the International Society of Family Law; and Vice-Chair of the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group.