Paul Larcey

Co-Director of the Global Systemic Risk Group at Princeton University

Co-Director of the Global Systemic Risk Group at Princeton University
Founder and CEO, bForm technologies

Paul Larcey is the Founder and CEO of bForm technologies, a company which is aimed primarily at the construction/infrastructure sector to optimise cost control of design complex construction projects through the detailed risk management of every element of the supply chain.

Paul has held senior and board level positions in global Fortune 250 construction and engineering and technology companies, with over twenty years experience in the sector before becoming one of the founding partners of bForm Technologies.

Having studied Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Oxford he then completed an MBA at Imperial College London in Corporate Finance. Paul has a keen interest in assisting the construction process to move to a more rigorous and methodological approach within an achievable cost framework.

In 2016, Paul completed his studies for a Construction Engineering Masters, a Cambridge University Master of Studies course, that is run by the Laing O’Rourke Centre.

Paul has started a research group which is looking at risk perception in the financing, construction and operation of large scale infrastructure. Areas of interest are:
- Infrastructure
- Risk
- Financial systems
- Interdependency of engineering systems
- Complexity
- Cyber security