Professor Rachael Garrett

Moran Professor of Conservation and Development at Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Moran Professor of Conservation and Development, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Professor Rachael Garrett is the Moran Professor of Conservation and Development, Department of Geography & Cambridge Conservation Initiative, University of Cambridge. Her research examines the drivers and impacts of land change, primarily in forest landscapes, and the effectiveness and equity of forest conservation and sustainable agriculture policies and practices. She work closely with farmers and national agriculture and forestry agencies, her research spanning Brazil, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Switzerland, and the Republic of Georgia.

Rachael has interdisciplinary training in economics, geography, history, systems thinking, environmental science, and policy analysis and use a wide range of research methods and designs, including statistical models and case studies.

Before working in Cambridge, Rachael was Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy at ETH Zurich in the Dept. of Humanities, Social, and Political Sciences and the Dept. of Environmental Systems Science.

From 2018-2019, Rachael was Associate Director, Land Use and Livelihoods Initiative, Global Development Center at Boston University.

‚ÄčPrior to joining the faculty at Boston University Rachael was a Giorgio Ruffolo Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Sustainability Science at Harvard University and a National Science Foundation Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellow. She received her PhD through the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University in 2013, and MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University in 2006, and her BA in History and Environmental Analysis and Policy from Boston University in 2003.