Dr Ruth Morgan

Senior Lecturer, Department of Security and Crime Science at University College London (UCL)


Director, Centre for the Forensic Sciences, and Senior Lecturer, Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London

Dr Ruth Morgan is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Security and Crime Science at UCL, and the Director of the UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences. The Centre seeks to facilitate a network of UCL academics from a wide range of different disciplines and departments to enable a strategic and multidisciplinary research programme in collaboration with external partners and forensic science stakeholders.

Dr Morgan's research is focussed around the role of physical evidence in the detection of crime. Current research interests include establishing the evidence dynamics, transfer and persistence of geoforensic materials (soil, sediment, pollen etc.), and research that contributes to the production of guidelines for the practice of forensic geoscience. Recent work has concentrated on developing forensic applications of Scanning Electron Microscopy in the analysis of quartz grain surface textures. Her research has been presented at a number of international conferences and appeared in New Scientist and the press.

She joined UCL in 2007 having completed a D.Phil in Forensic Geoscience at the University of Oxford. She is a member of a number of committees including the London Geological Society Forensic Geoscience Group, the UK Forensic Science Education Group and a member of the Advisory Board of Inside Justice. She is also a reviewer for forensic geoscience submissions for a number of internationally peer reviewed journals.