Dr Sara Savage

Co-Director, ICthinking® Research Group at Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Co-Director, ICthinking Research Group, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Dr Sara Savage is a social psychologist based in the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge and directs the ICthinking research group.

For the previous 15 years Sara worked as Senior Research Associate in the Psychology and Religion Research Group at Cambridge, during which she and her colleagues developed a unique intervention to address extremism. Sara continues to develop empirically based interventions to prevent extremism and inter-group violence through programmes that operationalise and measure the construct of (IC) Integrative Complexity (Suedfeld 2010), such as Being Muslim Being British, Being Kenyan Being Muslim, IC in Scotland (I SEE) and Conflict Transformation, published in a number of empirical articles and chapters.

The IC model is now being extended to a range of countries, extremisms and inter-group conflicts, supported by continual empirical assessment and training. (See www.ICTcambridge.org).