Dr Sonja Marjanovic

Senior Analyst at RAND Europe

Senior Analyst, RAND Europe

Sonja Marjanovic is a senior analyst on the Innovation and Technology team at Rand Europe. Her interests include innovation strategy and policy, international development, and healthcare policy. She has been working on and leading a number of projects in the fields of health research evaluation and innovation in health R&D systems.

Prior to joining RAND, Sonja worked for the Economic and Social Research Council's Centre for Business Research in the area of UK innovation competitiveness. She also has research and consulting experience in healthcare innovation policy and neglected disease R&D policy; professional experience in intellectual property services; and commercial experience in business development, having founded and managed a diagnostic start-up.

Sonja received her PhD from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, where she was a Wellcome Trust scholar and worked in the areas of international collaboration strategy for health-sector innovation.