Future Directions for Citizen Science and Public Policy

22 June 2021


Reported by Kate McNeil, CSaP Communications Coordinator

Today, 22 June 2021, the Centre for Science and Policy is proud to announce the launch of our latest book, Future Directions for Citizen Science and Public Policy.

Over the past year CSaP has brought together policy makers and academics to discuss citizen science — practices that tap into ‘citizen knowledges’, as one of our authors describes it. Through a series of seminars, lectures and online conferences we have gathered a breadth of views on the challenges and opportunities that governments face in integrating citizen science into public policy. This collection addresses both, but on the whole illuminates how citizen science can lead to more inclusive and effective decision making across a range of policy domains.

Following a foreword by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, our authors have contributed ten articles, essays and case studies. These chapters address questions including where to place citizen science among the types of advice to government, which resources and structures may be needed for citizens to successfully make contributions to policy making, and which forms of citizen participation can and should play a role in the future. They also explore how we might integrate citizen science in the domains of health and wellbeing, environmental monitoring and food regulation, local decision-making and the data economy.

We hope you will enjoy reading “Future Directions for Citizen Science and Public Policy”. You can get your digital copy here. Please also stay tuned for opportunities to join the conversation through our public events, our fellowship programmes, and our online channels.