Dr Barak Ariel

Lecturer in Experimental Criminology

Dr Ruth Armstrong

Visiting Scholar

Dr Matthew Bland

Associate Professor in Evidence Based Policing

Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms

Emeritus Wolfson Professor of Criminology

Dr Paolo Campana

University Associate Professor

Sam Cole

PhD Research Student

Professor Ben Crewe

Deputy Director of Prisons Research Centre

Dr Jane Dominey

Research Associate

Sophie Ellis

phd student

Professor David Farrington

Emeritus Professor of Psychological Criminology

Dr Adrian Grounds

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Susie Hulley

Senior Research Associate

Dr Caroline Lanskey

Lecturer in Applied Criminology

Dr Hannah Marshall

Junior Research Fellow

Peter Neyroud

Lecturer in Evidence-Based Policing

Professor Lawrence Sherman

Director of the Jerry Lee Centre for Experimental Criminology

Dr Heather Strang

Director - Police Executive Programme

Dr Justice Tankebe

University Associate Professor

Dr Kyle Treiber

University Associate Professor in Neurocriminology

Dr Maria Ttofi

University Associate Professor in Psychological Criminology

Professor Per-Olof Wikström

Professor of Ecological and Developmental Criminology