Dr Clare Moran, CSaP Policy Fellowships Coordinator, has recently published a paper in Climate and Development. The paper outlines a new research agenda for transformation from the perspective of the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The paper is the outcome of a facilitated two-day workshop and follow-up activities that were co-organised and facilitated by Clare and her Co-Investigator Dr Shona Russell. The workshop arose from a project funded by Carnegie Trust Scotland and the University of St Andrews to investigate Scotland in Transition: collaboration in changing climate(s). Clare and Shona worked collaboratively with Professor Ioan Fazey at the University of Dundee, to host the workshop and edit the outputs into a co-authored journal paper. The workshop was funded by the ‘Society Theme’ of the Scottish Funding Council’s university pooling initiative: the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (SAGES). It brought together 20 academics from diverse backgrounds including anthropology, geography, cultural studies, politics, economics, ecology and environmental science, with those working in knowledge brokering and policy engagement who had an interest in climate change.

The Scotland in Transition project carried out case studies of three national networks that provided scientific advice to government, established to facilitate cross-sector and cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange on complex problems. The project produced a chapter in an edited book recently published by Routledge, Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations. The book was also the product of collegiate activity, this time between members of the Knowledge and Practice research group at the University of St Andrews School of Management, where Clare was a Faculty member before joining CSaP in 2014.

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