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Can multilingualism help address the key issues of our time?

A project on multilingualism will aim to show the importance of modern European languages, UK indigenous languages and emerging community languages in areas like social cohesion, cultural awareness, ...

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What will future transport systems look like in the UK?

As part of the Government Foresight Project into the Future of Mobility, CSaP organised a Policy Workshop which brought together representatives from the Government Office for Science with ...

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How can government make the most of UK universities?

CSaP Policy Fellows met to discuss how policy makers could make the most of UK universities. We were joined by members of the CSaP Affiliate Network - representatives ...

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Exploring the role of evidence and expertise in effective policy making for environmental science

A CSaP professional development policy workshop for early-career environmental scientists at Cambridge gave them an insight into the role of science, evidence and expertise in public policy.


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Industrial strategy and the role of place

Last month, CSaP hosted a roundtable discussion to explore the potential of the Cambridge technology cluster in the context of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.