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POST launch Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has announced an Academic Fellowship Scheme, giving researchers from PhD to professor the opportunity to take part in projects of ...

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How can machine learning techniques improve our understanding of climate change risks in the future?

Dr Emily Shurckburgh explains how machine learning techniques can be used to improve climate model predictions and provide a more sophisticated understanding of climate change risks in the ...

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Testing times for evidence and expertise: what lies ahead for science and innovation?

Will political events of 2016 provoke a fundamental rethink of the role of institutions at the intersection of science, innovation, expertise, politics and power?

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Devolution and inclusive economic growth: Lessons from Manchester

On Thursday 4 May 2017, Greater Manchester will elect its first Mayor. The creation of a directly elected Mayor is part of the process of devolving more political ...


Improving the links between marine science and policy with @d_christianrose and @CSciPol : geog.cam.ac.uk/news/previous.… pic.twitter.com/r5fyI3no9u

14 hours ago


Can a Gin and Tonic save your life? @Cambridge_Uni answering all the important questions at tonight's #smLates pic.twitter.com/aDd4YcLhl5

13 hours ago

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Why do farmers and advisers in the UK use decision support tools?

Dr David Rose, a CSaP Visiting Research Fellow, describes recent work investigating use of tools which provide evidence-based decision-making advice to policy makers and practitioners in a useable ...