In response to the Coronavirus pandemic the Centre for Science and Policy is, for the time being, changing the way we deliver our services. We are developing new ways to keep you informed throughout this difficult time.

Most recently, we've launched a podcast series on Science, Policy and Pandemics, which is produced in partnership with the Cambridge Immunology Network and Cambridge Infectious Diseases and which is available on all major podcasting platforms.

Science, Policy and Pandemics

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What role can technology play in increasing health systems resilience?

Can health technology foster greater resilience in our health care systems? What lessons have we learned from the covid-19 pandemic about the role of technology in healthcare provision?

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A Green Recovery

How can we move towards cleaner, greener and smarter forms of growth in the aftermath of the current crisis?

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Science, Policy and Pandemics: Applying Statistical Methods

In the fourth episode of our podcast series on Science, Policy & Pandemics, Dr Rob Doubleday spoke with Dr Daniela De Angelis, Professor of Statistical Science for Health ...

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Sir John Kingman has announced he will step down after a successful five-year period as Chair of @UKRI_News in May……

1 week, 2 days ago


Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Toope pays tribute to Bill Gates Sr., founding @Gates_Cambridge Trustee:

19 hours ago

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Applying systems thinking to policymaking

The challenges facing government tend to be mutlifacted, complex, chronic, social, economic and environmental, and their causes and potential solutions are typically unobvious, suggests Paul Kett, Director General ...

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