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We convene our network to provide fresh perspectives and critical challenges to conventional thinking.

Through our workshops, Fellowships and research programme, we have pioneered new ways of bringing academia and public policy together.

Scientific advice to governments

How can science be the agent of social and economic transformation in India?

Professor K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, speaks on science, the fulcrum for social and economic change in India

Scientific advice to governments

What are the challenges for the future of healthcare in the UK?

The 2017 CSaP Annual Lecture was delivered by Professor Christopher Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health, who made his predictions about the future of health ...

Latest News

Developing a new approach to how we value and price environmental public goods

CSaP worked with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs to organise a Policy Workshop to explore the challenges associated with the design of England’s new Environmental ...

Policy Workshops

How can the European Commission build a "human centred" internet that is inviting to people and businesses alike?

In 2018, the European Commission will launch its Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, which aims to make the internet more "open" and "human".


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A new study suggests #huntergatherers lose hours of leisure time when they become farmers. So is agriculture a mark……

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Policy Workshops

What price biodiversity?

The Centre’s latest Policy Workshop – The Values and Valuation of Natural Capital, organised jointly with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) at the Institute for Government on 13 ...

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Our programmes, workshops, and professional development activities provide opportunities for policy professionals and researchers to discuss and debate high-priority public policy issues.