CSaP's mission is to improve public policy through the more effective use of evidence and expertise. We do this by creating opportunities for public policy professionals and academics to learn from each other.

We convene our network to provide fresh perspectives and critical challenges to conventional thinking.

Through our workshops, Fellowships and research programme, we have pioneered new ways of bringing academia and public policy together.

Scientific advice to governments

Extreme Risks - challenges for evidence and policy

At our annual conference on 26 June, the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk led a panel discussion on extreme risks and the challenges that impossible ...

Policy Workshops

Responsible and open innovation with large bioresources

A Policy Workshop organised in partnership with the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences brought together experts from the public and private sectors working on issues around ...

Policy Workshops

The Role of Science in Policy

On 28 April, the Centre for Science and Policy and the Government Office for Science co-delivered a seminar in London on the role of science in policy.

Policy Workshops

How can the European Commission build a "human centred" internet that is inviting to people and businesses alike?

In 2018, the European Commission will launch its Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, which aims to make the internet more "open" and "human".


Meet Charis Millett, a museum technician @FitzMuseum_UK, who never has the ‘Monday morning feeling’:… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Text of my speech today at Durham University: ‘Levelling Up Research and Innovation Right Across the United Kingdom… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Policy Workshops

The Future of Genomic Medicine Patents in Europe and the US

Decisions relating to the patenting of genomics medicine technology were debated at a recent CSaP Policy workshop on precision medicine and intellectual property.

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Our programmes, workshops, and professional development activities provide opportunities for policy professionals and researchers to discuss and debate high-priority public policy issues.