Sir Chris Wormald, Head of the Civil Service Policy Profession, will set out how science and engineering will help the next government deliver its new priorities.

How does academia contribute to the work of government?

29 June 2017, The Royal Society, London

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We convene our network to provide fresh perspectives and critical challenges to conventional thinking.

Through our workshops, Fellowships and research programme, we have pioneered new ways of bringing academia and public policy together.

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Exploring the role of evidence and expertise in effective policy making for environmental science

A CSaP professional development policy workshop for early-career environmental scientists at Cambridge gave them an insight into the role of science, evidence and expertise in public policy.

Policy Workshops

Connecting academic research to emerging policy issues.

Our Policy Workshops provide a forum for policy professionals and researchers to debate, cross examine and re-evaluate issues that are of direct relevance to public policy.

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Assessing the role of decision support tools in conservation

David Rose (Geography, CSaP, UCL STEaPP) and Rebecca Robertson (Zoology) led an inter-disciplinary workshop assessing the role of decision support tools in conservation.

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What will future transport systems look like in the UK?

As part of the Government Foresight Project into the Future of Mobility, CSaP organised a Policy Workshop which brought together representatives from the Government Office for Science with ...


We have launched a new series of short explanatory videos on key Brexit negotiation topics #turbotalks…

2 hours ago


We're working to secure UK’s global leadership in nuclear fusion research by committing to fund the EU’s JET projec……

3 hours ago

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Devolution and inclusive economic growth: Lessons from Manchester

On Thursday 4 May 2017, Greater Manchester will elect its first Mayor. The creation of a directly elected Mayor is part of the process of devolving more political ...

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Our programmes, workshops, and professional development activities provide opportunities for policy professionals and researchers to discuss and debate high-priority public policy issues.

"Handling risk is a vital task for any government. By building timely and relevant connections between government and academia, the Centre for Science and Policy is making a significant contribution to improving the use of evidence in public policy."

Sir Mark Walport, Government Chief Scientific Adviser