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How can CSaP help you?

Through its many activities, the Centre for Science and Policy helps promote engagement between its network members: policy professionals, experts in the sciences and engineering, business leaders, early career researchers and others who have an interest in the relationship between science and policy.

Huw Price

Through a meeting with CSaP Policy Fellow, Kenan Poleo, we gained the support of the FCO's Science and Innovation Network (SIN) and this proved vital to the achievement of our aims. As CSER's international research network continues to grow, we look forward to working with the FCO again - building on the relationship which started through engagement with CSaP.

Professor Huw Price, Co-Founder, Centre for Existential Risk (CSER), and Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

We help connect you to the right people in government

As a senior researcher and member of the CSaP network, you will have an opportunity to engage in one-to-one meetings with Policy Fellows from government and industry, and to present the key findings of your research at Policy Workshops addressing some of the most serious challenges facing the UK. Often, as a result of taking part in these activities, senior researchers are invited to discuss their work with a wider audience in government. If you would like an opportunity to discuss the potential impact of your research, please email

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Pauline Reeves

Through my CSaP Policy Fellowship, I feel invigorated and inspired to be brave and innovative in my advice to ministers, knowing that if I can prove that this will deliver benefits that increase physical activity in this country, the policy need not change just because a government does.

Pauline Reeves, Deputy Director Sustainable Travel and Equalities, Department for Transport

We help you keep abreast of the latest technologies and research

As members of the CSaP network, government officials frequently take part in our Policy Workshops, discussing some of the most serious challenges facing the UK with academic experts across a range of disciplines. After spending an initial five days in Cambridge for a tailor-made programme of one-to-one meetings with senior researchers, our Policy Fellows will have gained an insight into the latest academic research connected with the Fellow's areas of responsibility, across the whole range of disciplines from the humanities to engineering and technology. For more information on how you can participate in these high level discussions, please click here.

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Llyr Jones

Working for a global company engaged in the development and delivery of advanced defence, security and aerospace systems, the questions I wanted to address as a Policy Fellow sat at the intersection of geopolitics, business and technology. CSaP’s cross-disciplinary approach enabled me to gain new understandings in all three, through a perfectly designed programme that allowed me to engage with world-class researchers.

Llyr Jones, Vice President, Latin America and Canada, Group Business Development, BAE Systems plc and CSaP Policy Fellow

We help you establish your own network of science and technology experts in academia

As a member of the CSaP network, you will have an opportunity to attend networking events, engaging in conversations and exchanging ideas, on a range of topics with other members of the network from business, academia and government. For more focused discussions on topics of interest to you and your organisation, the Policy Fellowships Programme will put you in touch with senior academics during a five-day schedule of intensive, one-to-one meetings. For more information on how you can extend your network of science, technology and engineering experts, please click here.

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Isabel Webb

The team at CSaP were all incredibly welcoming, and it was a lovely atmosphere to work in. Being a small team meant that the work I did made a real impact within the Centre – and I felt like a valued member of staff rather than a short-term visitor. Rather than being assigned to a single project within the team, I was able to rotate through different schemes within CSaP and projects running throughout the office.

Isabel Webb, BBSRC Policy Intern, Centre for Science and Policy (Sept 2014 - Dec 2014) and BBSRC DTP PhD Student, John Innes Centre, Norwich

We help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully engage with policy

As an early-career researcher, joining our network will help you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully engage with policy, as well as enabling you to build peer networks within relevant disciplines and departments. As a policy intern, you will organise a policy workshop and take part in Professional Development Policy Workshop, and gain a greater understanding of the contribution that academic research makes to government. For more information on how to join CSaP’s growing network of young researchers, please email

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Cambridge is supremely well positioned to help Government become aware of emerging issues but needs itself to develop the skills to catch the attention of policy makers, which are not simply about telling but also about listening and understanding. CSaP is just the right initiative to make a difference in this communication.

Dr Miles Parker, former Deputy CSA at Defra (co-sponsors of the workshop on Politics and Ecosystems Services – May 2012) and CSaP Associate Fellow

We help your organisation to make a difference

The Centre supports the vision, mission and values of its sponsors by convening meetings that bring together key stakeholders from government, business and academia to help find solutions to some of the major issues facing our planet. Valued members of the CSaP network, our sponsors are invited to participate at workshops and conferences, and research examining the relationship between science and policy, making a difference to the way in which science advice is sought and communicated in government, and how policies are formed. To find out more about CSaP sponsorship opportunities, please click here.