CSaP's mission is to improve public policy through the more effective use of evidence and expertise. We do this by creating opportunities for public policy professionals and academics to learn from each other.

We convene our network to provide fresh perspectives and critical challenges to conventional thinking.

Through our workshops, Fellowships and research programme, we have pioneered new ways of bringing academia and public policy together.

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Focusing on topics of strategic importance to research and policy

Our workshops, seminars, lectures and annual conference bring together policy professionals and researchers to discuss and debate high-priority public policy issues.

Policy Workshops

How will the UK manage its rural spaces post-Brexit?

What might a policy to pay farmers for the delivery of ecosystem services look like? The objective of a British Ecosystem Services Policy would be to deliver the ...

Scientific advice to governments

Knowledge, Expertise and the Policy Process

A report of the discussion on Professor Susan Owens' book "Knowledge, Policy and Expertise: The UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1970-2011"

Policy Workshops

Threats to the university, humanities and science

Despite generating an historic amount of research in fields barely imaginable a generation ago, some consider the reputation of science to be at an all time low. Events ...


Read how Ria Roy's experience as an interpreter covering Kim Jong-il’s funeral led to her award-winning paper at… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Join Professor Ben Martin at the CSTI Seminar Series 50 years of Innovation Studies – What have we learned? Mon. 25… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Policy Workshops

Innovating in Innovation

CSaP is working with the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) and others to design a consultation, seminar and workshop programme which will bring together the latest research and ...

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Our programmes, workshops, and professional development activities provide opportunities for policy professionals and researchers to discuss and debate high-priority public policy issues.