Our annual conference on 28 June will bring together leading experts and decision makers from academia and government to discuss the latest research, insights and opportunities for public policy.

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We convene our network to provide fresh perspectives and critical challenges to conventional thinking.

Through our workshops, Fellowships and research programme, we have pioneered new ways of bringing academia and public policy together.

Scientific advice to governments

How can scenarios of climate change prepare us for uncertain futures?

In the second of the 2018 Climate Seminar series, Dr Renata Tyszczuk (Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Sheffield) took the audience on a voyage through ...

Policy Workshops

The future of medical imaging

Medical imaging technologies are advancing at an unprecedented rate, providing a challenge for NHS England to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Policy Workshops

The legal and ethical implications of using health data

A CSaP Policy Workshop convened a panel of experts to discuss the implications of advances in data science and genomics.

Policy Workshops

Industrial strategy and the role of place

Last month, CSaP hosted a roundtable discussion to explore the potential of the Cambridge technology cluster in the context of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.


Expertise, trust and public policy - our #CSAP2018 conference panels include speakers @d_spiegel @MarteauTM @RMW136twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Our Future of the Sea report recommended a more strategic approach to marine and maritime policy. Today the Foreign… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Policy Workshops

Harnessing the potential of social movements, and generating impact at scale

A Policy Workshop held in collaboratioin with Friends of the Earth, the Nesta Health Lab and the Cambridge Institute of Public Health, brought together a wide range of ...

CSaP in numbers

Our programmes, workshops, and professional development activities provide opportunities for policy professionals and researchers to discuss and debate high-priority public policy issues.