Policy Leaders Fellows

The Policy Leaders Fellowship brings together the most senior members of CSaP's network

What is the Policy Leaders Fellowship?

The Policy Leaders Fellowship addresses the needs of the most senior policy makers – whether in Whitehall, Brussels or other administrations – providing access to research and academic expertise. Launched in 2013, its discussions focus on the need for long-term thinking, the value of evidence, and fresh perspectives on key challenges.

Who is the Fellowship for?

Policy Leaders Fellows join the Fellowship by invitation. Those who take part include Permanent Secretaries and Directors-General from Whitehall and Brussels, as well as Chief Executives of agencies and major corporations and foundations.

What does the Fellowship involve?

Our Leaders Fellows participate both in one-to-one meetings with leading academics and in roundtable discussions with researchers and other Fellows. The Fellowship meets once a term in Cambridge, under the Chairmanship of former UK Cabinet Secretary Lord Wilson.

Over the course of the two-year Fellowship, Fellows commit to two days of meetings per year.

What topics are covered?

Roundtable meetings have included discussions on the intelligent use of modelling in government, the future of work, cities, conspiracy and democracy, and open policy making in a digital world; they have also explored the latest thinking on academic frontiers such as biodiversity, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, blockchain, life sciences and the internet.

What are the benefits of joining the Fellowship?

  • access to senior academics across all disciplines
  • membership of a network of high-level policy professionals
  • access to structured interactions, including the opportunity to convene bespoke discussions
  • the challenge to thinking which is characteristic of the Fellowship process, promoting innovation and creative approaches.

How much does it cost?

The enrolment fee is £5200 plus VAT, for two years.

Policy Leaders Fellows (and alumni)

Those who have completed two years as Fellows are now alumni. Current Policy Leaders Fellows and alumni/alumnae are listed below:

Policy Leaders Fellows

Policy Leaders Fellows - Alumni