CSaP Affiliate Network

Creating engagement between research and policy across the UK


The CSaP Affiliate Network extends the benefits of the Policy Fellowship to other universities, and creates engagement between policy and world leading researchers throughout the UK.

In order to further its mission, CSaP currently extends the benefits of the CSaP Policy Fellowships Programme across the UK via the CSaP Affiliate Network, launched in 2015. Through the CSaP Affiliate Network, CSaP Policy Fellows and alumni have the opportunity to engage with researchers beyond the University of Cambridge with an additional one or two days of visits to UK universities. Researchers at affiliated institutions have the opportunity to engage with members of our network of over 200 CSaP Policy Fellows from industry, the third sector, and government at local, national, and European levels.

In the first year of the CSaP Affiliate Network, we were joined by four new affiliate organisations. Our first affiliates – Public Policy Southampton at the University of Southampton, and the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London – joined the CSaP Affiliate Network in December 2015. In January 2016 we welcomed The Policy Institute at King's, and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. The second year of the CSaP Affiliate Network will see the network expanding to other parts of the UK, begining with the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath and Policy@Manchester at the University of Manchester.

If you have any queries about the affiliate network please email policyfellows[a]csap.cam.ac.uk


  • Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath

    IPR is a leading public policy research institute, based at the University of Bath. We undertake research into major public policy challenges, study how governments work and what they do, and offer professional doctorates and fellowship programmes to people working in policymaking.
  • Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London

    The Mile End Institute is a major new policy centre at Queen Mary University of London. Its mission is to deepen and challenge public understanding of the crises facing our systems of politics and governance, and to promote a richer debate about public policy issues and the UK’s role within the wider world.
  • Policy@Manchester

    Policy@Manchester works to connect researchers in all of The University of Manchester’s world-leading Faculties with those who shape and make public policy, supporting the process of knowledge exchange and relationship-building.
  • Public Policy | Southampton

    Public Policy | Southampton is an external facing, public engagement team established to increase the reach and impact of University of Southampton research.
  • The Policy Institute at King's

    The Policy Institute at King's College London acts as a hub, linking insightful research with rapid, relevant policy analysis to stimulate debate, inform and shape policy agendas.
  • UCL Public Policy

    UCL Public Policy is an initiative of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research) which seeks to bring UCL’s academic expertise to bear on pressing public policy challenges by integrating knowledge and evidence from across disciplines to inform policy.
  • University of Sheffield, Faculty of Social Sciences

    The Faculty of Social Sciences has a longstanding reputation for delivering world class research. Our research addresses the major challenges facing society and our ideas are leading academic debates internationally and shaping policy and practice across the globe.