Ben T Walker

PhD Research Student at Imperial College London


PhD Candidate, Department of Physics, Imperial College London

EPSRC-funded policy intern at CSaP (September-December 2018)

Ben is a third year PhD student studying quantum states of light at Imperial College. His work involves trapping light in spaces one billionth of the size of a drop of water, and studying how to make new, interesting, and potentially useful states of light by changing the exact details of how the light is trapped. The work is mainly experimental, but Ben also does some theory and simulation work, and has been working with collaborators in Oxford to make specialist mirrors for trapping the light.

Ben was originally motivated to undertake this intership by asking the question "why do we do the research that we do?" He found that this was a rich question, with many diverse stakeholders, from research practitioners to policy makers to the general public, all of whom approach it from a different angle. This lead him into being interested in how information and expertise pass between policy makers and academics. After his PhD, Ben wants to work at the interface of physics research and the wider world, be that on the research side or the rest of the world side!

Before going to Imperial, Ben completed an integrated masters in physics at Cambridge, in 2015.

  • 26 June 2019, 9:30am

    CSaP Annual Conference 2019

    CSaP's Annual Conference will bring together members of our network from government, academia and elsewhere to discuss some of the policy challenges we have worked on over the past year.

  • 27 November 2018, 5:30pm

    Dr S T Lee Public Policy Lecture 2018: Professor K Vijay Raghavan

    The 2018 Dr Seng Tee Lee Public Policy Lecture will be delivered by Professor K Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India