Miss Briony Bowe

Climate Change Adaptation Co-ordinator, Climate Science Observations and International at Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)


Science and Engineering Fast Streamer, Department for Energy and Climate Change

Junior Associate Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy

"The Centre for Science and Policy really helped me focus my interest in the interactions between science and policy, and explore the options available as possible career paths. I had the opportunity to meet people from across academia and policy making, and learnt a vast amount about the way in which scientific advice is transmitted throughout Whitehall. I’m in no doubt that this played a significant part in my selection for the Science and Engineering Fast Stream, and I hope to continue working with CSaP in my new role."

Briony Bowe is currently working for the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the Science and Engineering Fast Stream.

Briony graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2009, with a BA, MSci in Natural Sciences (Geology). She specialised in climate change, and is particularly interested in the relationships between science, policy and public understanding. Whilst at university she became involved in a number of organisations dealing with the political side of climate change, including the UK Youth Climate Coalition, with whom she attended the Copenhagen Youth Summit as a delegate of the British Council. As well as attending a number of seminars and lectures on the subject, including the Leverhulme conference and a three day energy masterclass, she has maintained an interest in the interdisciplinary approach required to communicate scientific problems, in particular the interaction between science, politics and the media.

After graduating, Briony travelled for a year, before returning to work as a research assistant in the Godwin Laboratory for Palaeoclimate Research at Cambridge, working on projects investigating rapid changes in deep water circulation. Whilst working at Cambridge, she became involved with the Centre for Science and Policy, gaining experience as an intern and working on a project to create a map of the UK Expert Advisory System. Briony then undertook an internship at the Natural Environment Research Council looking at the research impact agenda, before being offered a role at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, where she continues to maintain links with the Centre for Science and Policy.

  • 18 April 2013, 10am

    CSaP annual conference 2013: Future directions for scientific advice in Whitehall

    Continuing the theme of the Future Directions seminar series, CSaP’s second annual conference will see leading speakers from government and academia explore the changing role of the analytical professions; how government can make better use of external academic expertise; and the nature of evidence in more open policy making.

  • 15 January 2013, 5pm

    Experts, publics and open policy

    The third in a series of seminars looking at ways in which government can make more effective use of scientists and scientific advice in the context of Civil Service reform and a move towards open policy making.