Ciara Jevon

Policy Advisor at EU Exit Primary Legislation, Devolution Settlements Division


Policy Advisor, Devolution Settlements Division of the Cabinet Office

Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

As a policy advisor in the Devolution Settlements Division of the Cabinet Office, part of the larger Constitution Group, Ciara covers EU Exit Primary Legislation. This means working with legal and policy teams from across government on Brexit bills that impact on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Before joining the Cabinet Office, Ciara worked around communications, digital media and technology. Most recently providing advice to businesses as a writer and analyst covering online habits, online privacy, ecommerce and new tech companies, and previously working on partnerships between corporations and social enterprise and projects including political and economic forecasts for the UK in 2016, which did not predict the context for her future work... She has also built up extensive experience putting on events, in the US, London, and at the Davos World Economic Forum.

Ciara completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature, focusing on narratives of identity in nationalist conflicts, at Harvard University, and a Masters degree in International Affairs at Sciences Po, Paris.