Georgia Leith

PhD candidate at University of Sussex

PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Sussex
ESRC-Funded CSaP Policy Intern (August 2014 - November 2014)

Georgia joined CSaP as an ESRC Policy intern in August 2014 to provide assistance on the Policy Challenges Programme. Her duties involve organising workshops and events, identifying and recruiting experts, and developing briefs and summaries for wider distribution for the current challenges: Ageing and Public Health, Big Data and Resilient Cities.

Georgia’s interest in evidence-based policy stems from her research. She is in her final year of a PhD in Psychology at the University of Sussex, exploring how Primary-school child's self-regulation during homework in primary is affected by personal, familial and social factors. As education policy grew more pertinent to her research, she developed a curiosity as to the processes involved in policy development, and how evidence is communicated and shared within the process.

Georgia also holds a BA in Psychology, and an MRes in Psychological Methods, both from the University of Sussex.

You can read about Georgia's policy internship here.