Jon Frost

Member of Secretariat at Financial Stability Board (FSB)

Member of Secretariat, Financial Stability Board
Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Jon Frost is a Member of the Secretariat at the FSB. In this role, Jon coordinates the monitoring of FinTech and contributes to the FSB’s systemic risk assessments. He supports the Standing Committee on Assessment of Vulnerabilities (SCAV), the FSB Financial Innovation Network (FIN) and the FinTech Issues Group (FIG), and has worked on analyses of FinTech credit, regulatory and supervisory issues around
FinTech, and artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial services. Jon is seconded to the FSB from the FinancialStability Division in the Dutch central bank (DNB). Previously, he worked at various roles in the private sector in Germany.

Jon is a US citizen. He holds an MA degree in economics from the University of Munich, Germany, and a PhD in economics from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.