Dr Koen Jonkers

Deputy Head of Unit at Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Deputy Head of Unit, Innovation Systems Analysis Unit, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Policy Fellow Alumnus, Centre for Science and Policy

Dr Koen Jonkers is currently working as Deputy Head of Unit of the Innovation Systems Analysis (ISA) unit of DG JRC. This is a relatively young unit which is currently building up its research programme around a number of innovation topics. In particular, Koen has recently been working on a project on the future of work.

The unit's aim is to provide comparative country analysis of the European Member States on selected R&I topics to assess the impact of specific R&I policies through econometric, macro-economic and qualitative policy analysis. This is done in order to place Country Level analyses into context and to draw policy lessons through benchmarking and the identification of good practices. The ISA unit provides inputs to DG Research and other policy DGs involved in the Research and innovation part of the European Semester process. Through its various projects the ISA unit also aims to support other parts of the R&I policy making process of the European Commission.

Before joining DG JRC, Koen worked at the CSIC Institute for Public Goods and Policies in Madrid, Spain and made 20+ publications on topics related to Scientific Mobility, Highly Skilled Migration, Scientific Careers, Research Collaboration, Public Funding of R&D, the Sociology of Research Organisations, scientometrics and various other topics in the field of research and innovation studies as well as China studies.

In addition to a PhD from the European University Institute, he holds a research master in political studies and international relations from the University of Birmingham, an MSc in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Amsterdam and an engineering (MSc) Free doctoral degree in Biotechnology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.