Michael Macdonnell

Director of global deployment at Google Health

Director of global deployment, Google Health
Policy Fellow Alumnus, Centre for Science and Policy

Part of a new division of Google, Michael leads the deployment of technologies that provide doctors and nurses with insightful information at the right time, helping them to make better clinical decisions for their patients. Over the coming years, these tools will incorporate cutting-edge machine learning with the aim of predicting and preventing illness, or acute deterioration, before it happens.

From February to September 2019, Michael was part of the leadership team at Google DeepMind Health responsible for developing Streams, an AI-powered assistant for clinicians. Deployed in two NHS trusts, Streams is a mobile tool that provides clinicians with better, quicker and more insightful knowledge that improves patient outcomes. In time Streams will also surface predictive insights, drawing on DeepMind's outstanding body of research, enabling clinicians to act earlier and to prevent injury or illness. DeepMind Health became Google Health in September 2019.

Until February 2019, Michael was the national director for transforming health systems at NHS England. He was responsible for integrating care systems across the English NHS that join up primary care and hospitals, mental and physical healthcare, NHS and local government services. Previously he was strategy director at NHS England, senior fellow at the Institute for Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London and advisor at Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit under Tony Blair.


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