Dr Stuart Wainwright

Deputy Director International Resilience at Cabinet Office

Deputy Director International Resilience, Cabinet Office
Policy Fellow Alum, Centre for Science and Policy

Stuart Wainwright is the Deputy Director of International Resilience in the Cabinet Office. Prior to taking up his current post he was one of Defra’s Deputy Chief Scientific Advisers, where he was responsible for ensuring Defra's ablility to draw on high quality and relevant evidence to support the development and delivery of its policies. He also acted as joint Head of Profession for scientists in Defra, and supported the CSA during emergencies.

He was previously an Assistant Director in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office where he had particular responsibilities for the coordination of the Government response to major crises and for ensuring the UK is prepared for major health, environmental, transport and energy emergencies. He has previously held a range of scientific and policy positions in both Defra and DTI, where Stuart started his civil service career as a Science & Engineering Fast-streamer.

Stuart has a PhD in microbiology through which he studied the human pathogen Helicobacter, and a degree in genetics.