University of Cambridge


The Centre for Science and Policy

Mr Tim Luke

Senior Adviser on Business, Trade and Innovation, Number 10 Policy Unit
Policy Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy

Tim Luke is a Senior Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Business, Trade and Innovation. He has been based at 10 Downing Street since June 2011, as part of the Policy and Implementation Unit.

Previously, Tim spent almost 20 years as a top-ranked analyst across several different technology sub-sectors including communications equipment, enterprise networking and semiconductors, initially at Lehman Brothers (1992 to 2008), and then as Global Sector Head for the equity research team covering the Technology Sector at Barclays Capital. Through this work he has built strong relationships with the CEOs and managements of many of the largest technology companies in Asia, the Americas and Europe. He also has close ties with the management of emerging, growth and start-up phase companies, and with the venture capital community for technology. Earlier in his career, Tim worked on the regulation of telecommunications and other service industries for the European Commission in Brussels.

Tim is a UK citizen and attended the University of East Anglia where he studied European History, Politics, and Economics.