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News in Distinguished Lectures during 2010

The future of science in Parliament

Science can, should and often does play a critical role in Parliament. And when you consider what Parliament does - make laws and scrutinise Government – that is an important statement. To discuss science in Parliament, we invited Dr Evan ...

Our Easter Island Moment: is it already too late to save the environment?

Sarah Mukherjee delivered the CSaP's third distinguished lecture having recently left her role as the BBC’s Environmental Correspondent. She promised a commentary unmuffled by institutional constraints, and she delivered handsomely on that promise. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge 7 ...

Around the Science Policy World in 50 Minutes

Attendees at the CSaP's second Distinguished Lecture were taken briskly through 50 years of science policy research in 50 minutes as Professor Ben Martin, former Director of SPRU, led them on a whistle-stop tour of the twenty key "steps forward" that have been made in the field.

100 Days - a long time in policy?

His academic colleagues told him it would be frustrating, but David Mackay is enjoying his new role as Chief Scientific Adviser in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, working alongside civil servants who are passionate about their work and excited by the science of the challenges they face.