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  • 11 October 2011

    Cyber Defence and NATO workshop

    CSaP hosted a workshop with NATO Science for Peace on 10 and 11 October in Wolfson College, Cambridge. It was the first event of a new CSaP Cyber Defence Project, and brought together experts from the private sector, defence, law and policy making to discuss the realities of cyber warfare.
  • 29 September 2011

    Measuring national well-being

    This CSaP workshop considered whether there were suitable methods for recording national well-being and how such data would become incorporated into policy decisions.
  • 21 July 2011

    Threats to the university, humanities and science

    Despite generating an historic amount of research in fields barely imaginable a generation ago, some consider the reputation of science to be at an all time low. Events such "Climategate" at the University of East Anglia amongst others have led to many becoming disillusioned with science and questioning the role that scientists and universities should play in the modern world.
  • 21 June 2011

    An international workshop on climate change and clean energy

    CSaP was delighted to partner with the Renewable Energy and International Law network and the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University for a two-day forum which convened in Cambridge on 20 and 21 June 2011.
  • 16 June 2011

    Whole Genome Sequencing

    Whole genome sequencing will throw up ethical and legal issues and new regulatory challenges. There will also be practical issues to consider, such as how whole genome sequencing services will be delivered for the NHS and other users.
  • 28 April 2011

    The Role of Science in Policy

    On 28 April, the Centre for Science and Policy and the Government Office for Science co-delivered a seminar in London on the role of science in policy.
  • 11 April 2011

    Science and Policy Research Questions Workshop

    This one-day workshop brought together 40 prominent researchers and policy professionals to deliberate on the most important questions on the relationship between science and policy.
  • 16 March 2011

    Research, Policy & Practice for Innovation in the High-Tech Economy

    A workshop on innovation in life sciences, clean energy and ICT for researchers, policy makers and business people in Cambridge and Massachusetts, as part of the Innovation Economy Mission to the UK.
  • 26 January 2011

    How Children Learn

    On 25 January 2011, CSaP and Cambridge Assessment jointly delivered a seminar for Parliamentarians on the subject of "how children learn". The discussion that followed ranged widely across a number of important topics.