Could your team benefit from a Cambridge intern?

10 September 2018


"It’s been an absolute delight having Xiao with us. The quality of her work, her professionalism, and the enthusiasm she has shown throughout have all been outstanding"
Tom Tolfree, CSaP Policy Fellow

The Cambridge ESRC Social Sciences Partnership at the University of Cambridge would welcome proposals from Policy Fellows for potential internships, to be circulated among doctoral students in economic and social sciences. These internships are fully funded by the ESRC, via an extension to the duration of the PhD, so host organisations are not required to make any payments. The duration of each internship is project specific and can last from a few weeks up to six months in a full time or part time arrangement.

We would like to hear from Policy Fellows with project proposals suitable for doctoral students as interns. If you decide to proceed, the application process is simple: we ask you to write a short statement defining the project, benefits to the students, resources available (contacts, data sets, facilities, supervisors etc) and the proposed start date. If a student is found for the project, we would then ask you to discuss with them your aims and expectations, so all are agreed on the parameters of the work, where it is to be conducted, the timeline and deliverables.

Students are grouped within broad ‘challenge’ areas of social science including clean growth, artificial intelligence and the use of data, ageing society and the future of mobility. Students’ training includes social research methods, evaluation methodologies, qualitative research, conducting literature reviews and/or summaries of ‘what works’, conducting rapid evidence assessments, developing research and evaluation questions and making research and evaluation plans to answer specific questions.

Please contact Konstantina Stamati ( to make initial enquiries or fill a proposal form to be returned by 1 October. Konstantina is Director of Cambridge Grand Challenges and manages the Social Sciences Partnership at the University of Cambridge.

Projects should be suitable for students to start from November 2018 to March 2019, to a timeline agreed with the Policy Fellow, the successful applicants and their supervisors. We are likely to receive more proposals than can be matched with students, so cannot guarantee that all submissions will be taken up.