Engaging with academics: how to further strengthen open policy making

30 January 2013


Engagement by government with the UK’s world class academic base represents a huge opportunity to inform government at all levels and support evidence-based policy making. Given the Civil Service Reform Plan’s commitment that open policy making should be the default, bringing in expert external views has never been more important.

Academics can be helpful to policy makers in all kinds of ways, whether that is bringing the latest evidence and information to bear on a particular policy problem, providing fresh perspectives to help tackle orthodoxies and received wisdom, or helping to support capability and skills in specialist research and analytical roles.

With this in mind, the Government Office for Science has produced a short guide and collection of case studies, designed to encourage and provide tips on constructive engagement with academia for government officials. It is primarily aimed at policy makers working in science, technology or engineering related areas, but should be useful for any in government who work with evidence. You can download the guide on the Government Office for Science website.

  • 18 April 2013, 10am

    CSaP annual conference 2013: Future directions for scientific advice in Whitehall

    Continuing the theme of the Future Directions seminar series, CSaP’s second annual conference will see leading speakers from government and academia explore the changing role of the analytical professions; how government can make better use of external academic expertise; and the nature of evidence in more open policy making.