Dr Steve Hodges

Principal Hardware Engineer at Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSR)

Principal Hardware Engineer, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Dr Steve Hodges manages the Sensors and Devices group at Microsoft Research (MSR) Cambridge. His research spans a broad range of technologies within the themes of ubiquitous computing and interaction, including novel sensors, flexible electronics, new displays, wireless communications and mobile devices.

The Sensors and Devices group aims to use its multi-disciplinary skills to deliver compelling new user experiences, with the ultimate goal being to better understand how advances in technology will impact traditional computing and the ways in which people use and interact with computing devices.

Dr Hodges' current research projects include SenseCam a wearable automatic camera which is showing great potential as an aid to recall for people with memory loss and ThinSight a thin form-factor multitouch display which combines LCD technology with infra-red optical sensing.

Prior to his current role Steve was the Technical Director of the Cambridge Auto-ID Lab, where he developed an RFID-based successor to the barcode for tracking goods through supply chains. In addition, he was a Research Engineer at the Olivetti and Oracle Research Lab where he helped to create the Active Bat ultrasonic indoor location system.

HIs current research interests include

  • Multi-touch input technologies
  • Human-computer/device interaction
  • Wearable cameras and lifelogging
  • Sustainable and environmentally-aware computing
  • Optical sensing
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Embedded sensor systems
  • Embedded, real-time kernels and development support
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Low-power radio communication
  • Mass customisation of consumer products
  • Ambient displays
  • Energy harvesting