Policy Fellows

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Policy Fellows

The CSaP Policy Fellowship is a flexible professional development programme which starts with five days spent at the University of Cambridge, meeting with relevant researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Over two years, CSaP Policy Fellows continue to benefit from support and involvement with the network’s activities.

Policy Fellows are typically Directors or Deputy Directors from Whitehall, or their peers in the devolved administrations, local government and European Commission. Senior policy professionals from NGOs, industry and the third sector are also encouraged to apply, and typically make up around half of the Fellows at any one time. At the end of two years, the most active are invited to become Continuing Fellows, while others join the Alumni Network.

Twelve new Fellows are elected each term, so that at any one time there are between 70 and 80 current Fellows. Since its launch in 2011 the programme has brought more than 360 Fellows to Cambridge, and reached more than 1600 academics and other experts. The Fellowship is now recognised across the University of Cambridge as the go-to network to connect research with the policy world, and across Government as a uniquely powerful opportunity for problem-solving, professional development, network building and access to expertise.

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