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Upcoming events

The Life and Legacy of Sir John Douglas Cockcroft

Discussions will centre around the future of nuclear power and the benefits of nuclear medicine and accelerator science.

3rd Winton Symposium

The third Winton Symposium will be held on Monday 29th September 2014 at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. This one-day meeting on "Global Challenges for Science and Technology" will again bring together leading scientists from around the world to explore how we tackle the increasing demands of a growing population with declining natural resources.

How Governing Has Become Harder

How governing has become harder -- the increasing external, and self-imposed constraints on governments. A Lady Margaret Lecture to be given by the Rt Hon Peter Riddell CBE, Director of the Institute for Government.

CEDAR: Research and policy meeting

'Are you in a healthy place right now? Neighbourhood food environments, diet and health' This meeting will feature presentations by leading researchers and policymakers in this field, and will provide plenty of time for discussion and interaction.

Dr S T Lee Public Policy Lecture: Dr Steven Chu, Stanford University

Dr Steven Chu, former Energy Secretary under President Obama, will deliver the 2014 S T Lee Lecture on 10 November in Cambridge.

Caring for Dying People - what matters?

The Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research aims to inform policy through evidence-based research on health services in the UK and internationally.

Recent events

An agent, not a mole: Assessing the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

In this seminar, David Hart argues in favour of four criteria for assessing the performance of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) within the Executive Office of the US President.

Political leadership and public administration in a post-democratic and populist age

In this seminar, Nick Pearce will talk about the political leadership and public administration in a post-democratic and populist age.

Changing ideas of statecraft in an ever loosening Union

In this seminar, Professor Mike Kenny will address how both the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence and the intensification of debates about the UK’s membership of the European Union (as well the growing likelihood of a referendum on this question) have helped catalyse a gathering focus in public discourse and politics upon issues of territory, nationhood and governance.

CUSPE Annual Policy Review 2014

Each year, the CUSPE Annual Policy Review uses a current policy topic to consider the complexities that surround evidence-based policymaking. By drawing together expert speakers to comment on a particular policy topic, the event will produce recommendations for good practice in evidence-based policymaking generally.

Identity Management: Future Threats and Opportunities

This half-day seminar showcased the findings of the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research IMPRINTS project, which looks at public and professional expectations surrounding identity management technologies, services and practices.