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Data for Policy 2016 International Conference

Launched at the inaugural conference hosted by the University of Cambridge in 2015, Data for Policy is an independent initiative to promote interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral discussion between all stakeholders with interest in potentials of Data Science research to enhance government operations and policy-making.

Recent events

The business of encryption and the encryption of business

A policy workshop, exploring issues of digital privacy and the interlinked roles of encryption and business.

Does the European Union need science advice?

Dame Anne Glover will deliver the 2016 Dr S T Lee Lecture on science advice in the European Union.

Innovation in agriculture – supporting and catalysing a translational cat’s cradle

What are the big opportunities to deliver on the aims of the agri-tech strategy? This policy workshop seeks to explore this question in the context of the rapidly developing plans for the new Cambridge Centre for Crop Science (3CS), a collaboration between NIAB and the University of Cambridge that will enhance research in crop sciences, promote knowledge exchange and develop resilience in food security.

techUK Public Services 2030 conference

On the 10 May, #techUKPS2030 will explore how the public services that citizens receive from Government will be revolutionised by the innovative technologies of the future.

Taming the flood: rivers, wetlands and the centuries-old battle against flooding

In his lecture, Jeremy Purseglove, author of "Taming the Flood: Rivers, Wetlands and the Centuries-old Battle against Flooding" explores the cause of flooding in Britain and questions whether government policy on flood prevention is fit for purpose.