Post-UN summit conference on noncommunicable diseases and mental health

20 January 2012, 9:30am


This conference will capitalise on the momentum and opportunity generated by the 2011 UK Summit on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD), to bring the world’s attention to the burden of death and disease caused by NCDs; and will put forth realistic agendas for further UK research, action and policy on noncommunicable diseases and mental health in the developing world.

Hosted by
The Humanitarian Centre, in Partnership with the Cambridge Institute for Public Health and the Centre for Science and Policy

Friday 20 January - 9:30am to 5:15pm

Clare College
University of Cambridge

Who should attend
Those interested in issues relating to Noncommunicable Diseases. To register please follow the link here.

Key speakers include:

  • Dr Richard Smith, Director of the Ovations initiative to combat chronic disease in the developing world, previous editor of British Medical Journal
  • Dr Ann Keeling, Chair of the NCD Alliance and CEO of the International Diabetes Federation
  • Professor Nick Wareham, Director of the MRC Epidemiology Unit and co-Director of theInstitute of Metabolic Science
  • Dr Robert Doubleday, Head of Research, Centre for Science and Policy
  • Mike Davies, OBE, Head of Programme Development, CBM-UK

Conference Sessions include:

  • Critical reviews of the outcomes of the UN Summit
  • Short and long-term strategies for addressing gaps in prevention, treatment, policy and ‘public awareness’ on Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health (NMH) in developing countries
  • Highlighting a growing number of successful ‘linking’ and ‘capacity-building’ programmes, which assist individuals and organisations in the developing world to strengthen their own sustainable NMH research, treatment and care programmes.
  • Examining different models of partnership to advance best practices and policies on NMH research, interventions, treatment and care—including multidisciplinary, multisectoral, and multinational partnerships.
  • Disseminating Conference outcomes at a follow-up reception for Parliamentarians and Policy-Makers
To register for this event, see here. For further information and enquiries please contact Anne Radl.