Our Easter Island moment: Is it already too late to save the environment?

7 June 2010


The third event in the CSaP's distinguished lecture series will be given on 7 June 2010 by the journalist and broadcaster Sarah Mukherjee.

Sarah will discuss the challenges for environmental policy posed by scientific research including the urgent need to think strategically and to face uncomfortable choices. She will ask why learning - particularly scientific learning - is not seen as important why the media play a reactive and complicit role and why Governments are failing to take the lead. An audience of senior scientists and policy makers will participate in the Q&A session following the lecture.

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception and will provide an opportunity for networking and further discussion.

Dr David Cleevely

Raspberry Pi Foundation

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    Our Easter Island Moment: is it already too late to save the environment?

    Sarah Mukherjee delivered the CSaP's third distinguished lecture on how politics and media influence public feeling about climate change, and the impact it has on policy making.