Symposium on technology policy

30 September 2011

Venue: The Royal Society

Date: 30 September, 2:00 - 5:30 pm

In honour of the 10th Anniversary of the MPhil in Technology Policy at the University of Cambridge, CSaP is helping to organise a celebratory event which will be held at the Royal Society on 30 September. The MPhil, a joint offering of Cambridge Judge Business School and Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED), was set up in 2001 under the auspices of the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI).

The Symposium, which will be held at the Royal Society on 30 September, will consist of two panels: one on the politics of science and technology policy and the other on science and technology advice to government. We are fortunate to have distinguished speakers from politics, government, academia and science journalism from both the UK and abroad. These include:

  • Baroness Pauline Perry, House of Lords Science and Technology Committee
  • Professor Manuel Heitor, IST-Lisbon and former Portuguese Secretary of State for Science, Technology & Higher Education
  • Mark Henderson, Science Editor of The Times and author of The Geek Manifesto
  • Dr Claire Craig Director, Government Office for Science
  • Professor Dan Hastings, MIT and Former Chief Scientist of the US Air Force
  • Dr Stephanie Hurst, Head of Land Use, Planning and Environment, Department of Communities and Local Government
  • Professor Sir Mark Welland Head of Cambridge University Nanoscience Centre and Chief Scientific Advisor at the Ministry of Defence

For further details of the event, and to receive an invitation, please contact Paula Sparling (p.sparling@jbs.cam.ac.uk).